Monthly Archive: September 2020

Solar Pool Heating System Design That Reduces Energy Use

Active Solar Heating | Department of Energy

The cost of heating a pool can be a major downer even if you have a highly efficient solar pool heating system.  But there are ways you can reduce the cost of heating your swimming pool.

The two crucial factors that you need to consider are how to reduce the cost of energy used to heat the pool and how to reduce the amount of heat your pool loses so you can know how much heat your pool needs.

Here are tips on how you can incorporate a solar pool heating system into the installation of your swimming pool … Read More

Don’t Skimp On Quality When Looking For Patio Umbrellas On Sale

There’s nothing like sitting outside on the patio and kicking back while sipping on a cold drink and staying nice and cool under the shade of a patio umbrella. commercial patio umbrellas are both functional and decorative. They are a focal point of any large or small patio table set designed to hold an umbrella. You’ll notice when searching for patio umbrellas on sale that there is a wide selection of choices available.

Patio Umbrellas Shape

They all have in common their round shape, but other than that, the designs are varied. There are patio umbrellas that look exactly like … Read More