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Home remodeling booms during coronavirus pandemic

CLEVELAND, Ohio — As Clevelanders have stayed home during the pandemic, they’ve been thinking more about their living space.

Some have seen the need for a home office. Others have wanted to update their kitchens and bathrooms, and some have even had complete first-floor renovations. Basements have been refurbished, too.

“They’ve realized that their house doesn’t fit their needs anymore because if they’re going to stay at home and work from home, they realized they need different spaces,” said Mike Kandra, president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland. “Or they just got tired of looking at their house

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Investing in real estate during COVID-19

Although coronavirus vaccines are being distributed throughout the U.S. and life is expected to slowly start getting back to normal in 2021, we are still quite a while from the old status quo. That is, if life ever truly returns to normal after living and working at a distance for at least 18 months.

Although financial markets and the real estate market have improved since the March crash, now is a unique time to begin investing in real estate. Moreover, although the economy has been erratic at best, the real estate market has actually experienced a boom. From the rise … Read More

6 home shows to binge-watch on Netflix this month

If you need inspiration for your next house remodel or are just looking for fun weekend project ideas, look no further than Netflix. The streaming giant gives a masterclass in all things home, leaving you organized, energized, and ready to tackle any project—big or small. While there are dozens of shows to choose from depending on what you’re looking for, we found six that really stand out for their mission, designs, and personalities.

If you don’t have much planned this weekend (or even if you do), take some time to watch these shows. Your soul (and your home) will thank

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Tips for Choosing Custom-Made Armchairs in the Market

Tips for Choosing Custom-Made Armchairs in the Market

Custom-made armchairs are made by craftsmen according to customer requirements. You can decide the color, the type of material used, the surface treatment, the design and so on. If you decide to use one or both of them at the same time, you are also eligible for customized armchairs.

In the market full of standard product parts, many people have the opportunity to inject their own style and taste into the manufacturer. This illusion of choice allows manufacturers to extend the meaning of the term “customized”.

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