Best Way to Deal with Sudden Eyelash Loss – Causes and Remedy

Many of us wish to have dark, long eyelashes. Though it is a small body part, the presence of lush lashes adds extra visual appeal to our face. It is common to lose up to 5 eye lash hair every day. They generally re-grow every 6 to 8 weeks. However, if you experience significant hair loss in the eye lashes, there is a chance of an underlying health condition.

Reasons for eyelashes to fall out:

  • Incorrect beauty habits: Failing to remove eye-make before bed or leaving it on for too long causes bacterial infection. Also, if you wipe off your make-up too hard, there is a chance of eyelashes falling off. Mild massaging with gentle makeup remover is sufficient to maintain healthy lashes.
  • Problems with eye-lash products: Use eyelash curlers the right way to avoid accidently tugging off the lashes. Avoid using hot eye lash curlers since it damages your hair follicles. Avoid using eye extensions frequently since you may damage the natural lashes every time you remove them.
  • Thyroid: Changes in thyroid levels causes hair loss in several parts of the body. The lashes re-grow after you treat thyroid imbalance and bring your thyroid levels in control. 
  • Alopecia: Alopecia is an auto-immune condition that inhibits hair growth resulting in episodic, partial or full hair loss. 

Remedy for eyelash hair loss:

Get yourself checked with a medical health professional to rule out health conditions that are causing eyelash hair loss. The sudden hair loss can cause panic but there are serums to help you with eyelash hair growth. If you are looking for a skin-safe serum in UK, check out the Natural Eyelash Growth Serum available at The Willow Trader.

They are the top choice for eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their serum consists of 100% natural ingredients and guarantees effective results. It is made using minimal chemicals and you can expect to see results in 2 to 3 weeks. It is recommended to use it on evenings. Wipe it off immediately if you experience pain/ irritation. Steps to use it are:

  • Clean your eyes thoroughly and make sure there are no makeup remnants.
  • Apply the serum to the upper and lower eyelashes

There are several eyelash serums in the market, but the choice of product is important. Not all serums are made the same way. Some are made with harmful chemicals which do more harm than good. Some products cause allergic reactions and lead to eye infections and irritations. Go through online reviews before placing your order.

Make sure the serum you choose has vitamins and minerals and is free from artificial colourings so that you can reverse the existing damage. Wait for few weeks to start seeing results and continue using the serum at least twice a week to maintain the eyelash hair growth. Stick to organic products for best results.

Consume protein-rich and essential fatty acid foods like almonds, cashew, salmon, soybeans etc. Purchase high-quality beauty products with conditioning properties and use serum for beautiful, healthy eyelashes.