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We’ve put together a list of easy and inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas if you’d like a change. A bathroom makeover cannot be complete without a lighting upgrade. The right color and lighting affect mood, according to a study. Lighting can be easily changed out, and it can make a small bathroom appear larger and more beautiful. Luminaires that are over ten years old and fluorescent lighting produce unflattering shadows and color hues. It may not be possible to change a fixture, so you can replace your light bulbs with new fluorescent bulbs that have the same color warmth as sunlight cast on a bright day.

modern small bathroom

The next quick and easy update is to paint your bathroom once you’ve upgraded its lighting. Keep the darker, richer colors for accents and lighter hues for large surfaces like the walls. Color temperature can change the hue of a color, so make sure you see how it looks in your new lighting before you paint. Take advantage of the weekend, invite some friends over, and improve your bathroom decor with these DIY ideas.

The following ideas will help you decorate your bathroom quickly and easily:

Adding Fresh Paint to Your Bathroom:

Choose the right color for your bathroom wall decor. You can instantly transform your bathroom with this quick and easy DIY idea. Lighting makes small bathrooms appear larger. There’s no longer a need to choose gloss paint in bathrooms in order to combat moisture. Dark or vibrant colors add a touch of drama to any size bathroom. Matte paint can be protected from mildewing by adding an additive. Don’t stop with the walls – buy eggshell or semi-gloss paint to coat the cabinets, too!

Lighting Fixtures on a Budget:

It is less expensive to replace outdated lighting fixtures to transform your bathroom decor. Lighting fixtures are widely available in stores and online at affordable prices. Major electrical projects should be handled by a professional. You can easily change out lighting fixtures in your bathroom in a day if you follow a few simple instructions. When updating your powder room lighting, don’t be afraid to try out new trends. Modern bathroom lighting includes light bars and pendants that diffuse light in the room. The most energy-efficient lighting fixtures for your bathroom are LED fixtures because they don’t generate extra heat.

Ilikable Shower Caddie Organizer:

ilikable shower caddy

Are you someone who has a hard time organizing? Are you aware that your productivity is negatively affected by a cluttered space? You need tools and skilled labour to install an organizer, don’t you think? Do you hate sticking things to surfaces after using adhesive stickers?

 The first thing most people do in the morning is going to the washroom, and clutter can have a big impact on the rest of your day because it is one of the first things you see. This problem can be solved with the Shower Caddie Organizer from ilikable, which provides an organized way to store a collection of supplies in a room.

The wall shell is extremely easy to install, as you do not have to drill or use any extra tools to install it, as it is powered entirely by suction cups. This uses a vacuum to force fluid to adhere to the wall, so you do not have to drill or use extra tools. An octopus’ tentacles were used as inspiration for it.


  • A powerful vacuum suction,
  • Having a heavy load-bearing capacity
  • Installation is easy,
  • The suction cup that’s removable,
  • Large capacity and waterproof

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Art for the bathroom that’s affordable:

In your bathroom, you don’t have to stare at a blank wall. We offer affordable, waterproof canvas prints. Make your bathroom stand out by opting for oversized prints. Make your favorite photo into customized wall art by having a local printer blow it up. Canvas prints can now be printed on custom printers and laminated for water resistance. Think outside of canvas prints when brainstorming bathroom decor ideas. Decorate your bathroom walls with favorite objects, such as starfish or baskets, to make them more personal and inspiring. Further, you can also make your own art or buy reasonably priced items at Burlington Coat Factory and Home Goods.

Duplicates of bathroom tiles:

The tiles pictured above can be covered with removable adhesive tiles if yours is boring. The real thing looks just like them, and they’re easy to cut and install. Their biggest benefit is that they are easily removed without damaging the surface behind them – ideal if you want to update the bathroom in an apartment or rented house.

Upgrades to faucets and hardware:

Changing out your bathroom’s hardware is an easy and inexpensive way to update your bath’s look. You can replace drawer pulls, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and faucets to completely update your bathroom. It is even possible to update your countertop with new fixtures. If you have a small bathroom that had gold brass accents in 1978, replacing the hardware is as easy as taking the old one off and replacing it with a new one. Replace old hardware with similar screw hole spacing to make this project as simple as possible, especially if it is a bar-style drawer pull that requires two screws. The walls and cabinets will need fewer holes.

New flooring in the powder room:

The DIY floor covering options available today are modern and easy to work with. In most home improvement stores, you can find resilient, affordable vinyl floor planks in a variety of wood species and patterns. This flooring is really attractive (shown above in white-washed oak) and includes texture and imperfections along the surface as in a real hardwood floor or stone tile. Using a blade, peeling, and sticking is all it takes to install. Vinyl flooring typically comes with long warranties against wear and tear, as well as being waterproof. In addition, Chilewich offers woven vinyl floor rugs. Industrial strength rugs with rubber backing are available in custom sizes and add padding and comfort to your bathroom floor.

Your bathroom can be multi-functional and have storage:

A fresh look will be given to your bathroom once you declutter and organize it. Take advantage of your existing storage space if your bathroom is small. A cabinet can be easily upgraded by adding pull-out drawers (that make sorting items easier). Most home improvement stores carry pull-out drawers in standard sizes. Floating wall shelves can also be used as storage. Wall-mounted baskets can be mounted on the wall. Consider installing your home washer in your bathroom if you have limited space. Most washers can fit under the sink when they have an easy water connection, as shown in the image above.

Updating towels and rugs on a budget:

Your bathroom decorating project is now in its final stages. Think of this as the finishing touch. Buy soft, fluffy towels that match your new bathroom decor instead of old, mismatched towels that you might donate or throw away. Make your bathroom look modern by adding an accent color or pattern. You can update the style of your powder room with these key textiles: -Towels. Try new textures and colors–Floor mats—select materials that are comfortable and unique–Shower curtains.

Shower curtains should be patterned or printed to match your towels and mats. Most likely, this is the least expensive part of bathroom decor, but it can make the biggest impact.

Accessories and Accents Repurposed:

Do you want to finish your bathroom decor? Your DIY bathroom design is complete once you add a few custom accessories and accent pieces. The following suggestions can be used as starters: -Wastebasket -Soap dish -Live plants, such as orchids, towels -Shower soap scum -Candle or room diffuser for an invigorating scent. Plus, these items may already be lying around your house. You can repurpose items from another room that are cluttered or going in the wrong direction. Is it time to start over? You can ask family and friends for donations, or you can look for slightly used products on your local Facebook marketplace.


To bring life to your bathroom, you don’t have to remodel the entire space. You can update the look of your bathroom for a very affordable price. You can easily change the look of your bathroom with these easy bathroom decor ideas. You can now decorate your bathroom on a budget using bargain shopping stores and repurposing items from other parts of your house. Utilizing money-saving ideas is the most effective way for decorating a bathroom.