Home remodeling is booming during the pandemic, so there’s no better time for HGTV to renovate its programming lineup with 11 new shows!

a man and a woman sitting on a table: Ben & Cristi Dozier

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Ben & Cristi Dozier

With its new series orders, the cable network once known as Home & Garden Television will follow long-distance couples moving in together, homeowners overcoming their buyers’ remorse, homebuyers finding their “first home fix,” and flippers trying to turn $1,000 into $1 million, among other aspirational stories.


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“Our audience loves that we are stretching the home genre without losing the great storytelling that they’ve come to expect from HGTV,” Jane Latman, president of HGTV, says in a press release. “We continue to break the boundaries of the home genre with unique, buzzy show concepts, celebrated experts, and dynamic influencers. If you want to see innovative renovation ideas in action and dream of what you can accomplish in your own home, HGTV is the place for you.”

Here’s the scoop on the 11 shows en route to HGTV:

Building Roots

For “boundary-pushing projects” on “out-of-the-ordinary, unique homes,” look no further than spouses Ben and Cristi Dozier. “From small renovations to massive builds and ultra-modern designs to rustic finishes, Ben and Cristi will tackle it all and produce one-of-a-kind, highly personalized work that always exceeds their clients’ expectations,” HGTV teases.

Call the Closer

In this series, real estate maven Lauren Risley shows off how she can find homes for the pickiest homebuyers. She’ll help her clients see the potential of a property, then guide them through renovations.

First Home Fix (working title)

From their design office inside their vintage VW van, couple Austin Coleman and Raisa Kaddus will help young newlyweds and millennials renovate dated properties into dream digs. “Austin and Raisa will show these homeowners how to best stretch their tight budgets utilizing sweat equity and strategic design decisions,” HGTV says.

Flipping Showdown

Flip or Flop: Atlanta couple Ken and Anita Corsini are flipping the script on flipping shows, so to speak: They’re enlisting, funding, and judging the renovations of three teams who have six months to get an investment property market-ready. The prize for the winning team? $100,000 and the chance to join the Corsinis’ business.

Holmes Family Rescue

Continuing on his years-long mission to “make it right” for homeowners suffering shoddy home construction, contractor Mike Holmes and his kids—Michael Jr. and Sherry—will “rescue clients who have nowhere else to turn after living through botched construction jobs,” HGTV says.

Home Inspector Joe

Construction expert and home inspector Joe Mazza—who has “a sixth sense for safety”—teams up with designer Noel Gatts to help homebuyers move into a safe and beautifully renovated nest. Gatts will keep the home design cheap enough for Mazza to throw money at the safety issues in each client’s home.

Moving for Love

From the producers of 90 Day Fiancé: this docuseries follows long-distance couples as they they decide who’s moving in with whom and relocating to an entirely new environment.

My Flippin’ Fortune (working title)

In this “edge-of-your-seat house flipping experiment,” two couples who have cornered the flipping market in their respective locales will be relocated to a mystery city and given an initial budget of just $1,000. To win, they’ll have to buy and sell their way to a $1 million in house sale in just six months. “Each couple will need to pull out every trick in the book to make their flipping fortune,” HGTV says.

Renovation Goldmine

New designs don’t always need new furnishings, as Joe and Meg Piercy can attest: They’ve built their home design business on finding the “renovation goldmine” of items homeowners already have. And they’ll do the same in this HGTV series, renovating Chicago properties and “giving new life to furniture and other pieces the clients already own,” according to the release.

Renovation Remix

Husband-wife designer duo Kele Dobrisnki and Christina Valencia are coming to the aid of homeowner couples with polar-opposite design sensibilities, helping these couples “combine their styles to create an ideal ‘mashup design’ that caters to both of their unique tastes,” HGTV says.

Why the Heck Did I Buy This House? (working title)

Feeling buyer’s remorse? Call designer, renovator, and mother of three Kim Wolfe—yes, Kim Wolfe of Survivor fame!—who “will use her expert skills to reinvent their lifeless spaces and make homeowners finally fall in love with their house.”

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