How Long Does It Take to Recoup the Cost of Double Glazing?

How Long Does It Take to Recoup the Cost of Double Glazing?

There are a few ways to increase insulation in the home, reducing your energy costs. Many of these methods also reduce your carbon footprint, such as having loft insulation and wall insulation installed.

But did you know that installing double glazing is usually the simplest, and the effective way to upgrade your home? Not only can it work wonders on heat insulation, but it also upgrades other elements such as security, style, and noise insulation.

If you already have double glazing, you will know how much of an investment it was – but you may have recouped the costs involved already. If you’re here looking for double glazing maintenance, feel free to skip to the conclusion – we can help!

If you don’t already have it, the idea of double glazing may have nagged at you before. Perhaps your current windows are unsightly and need an update. Maybe they’re just not doing the job as well as you’d hoped – single glazed windows are a recipe for a cold, draughty winter, so now is the ideal time to have them upgraded.

We know double glazing is an investment; but the insulation it provides will certainly save you money by reducing your heating costs alone.

Here’s our guide to whether double glazing is worth it – and how long it takes to recoup the cost of double glazing installation.

Why Would I Need Double Glazing in the First Place?

Given that more people are spending increased amounts of time at home working since the pandemic, we were noticing increased energy expenditure even before the energy cost crisis kicked in. These savings, and improvements in quality of life provided by double glazing, are only expected to improve in the coming years!

Double glazing is a method of reconstructing your windows to create a sealed air pocket, nestled between two panes of glass. Further to this, the application of quality glues, specialised glass, and durable frames helps to maximise the reduction in heat and sound transfer from inside to outside, and vice versa.

This reduction of thermal emission will keep the home heated for longer, even with a lower thermostat temperature. Essentially, you won’t require the heating unit to be cranked as high to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the home. This will save you money on your energy bills.

Your main questions at this point are likely:

  • How much money will I save with double glazing?
  • Can I justify the cost of having double glazing installed?
  • Aren’t my current windows suitable?
  • Where can I find a reputable double glazing specialist?

So, how long will it take to make back the money you spend on double glazing? This will depend on each individual home, but it can be calculated.

How much Money will I Save with Double Glazing?

Energy Savings

Double glazing throughout your home will typically save approximately £150 a year in an average UK home. However, with the rising energy prices looking to increase by 80% this winter alone, these energy savings from double glazing will no doubt also increase dramatically. Double glazing is a future proof investment in this way, as it is a fixed cost. On average, double glazed windows last about 20 years. If installed professionally, this timeframe will only increase – and you’ll get to enjoy your investment much longer.

The Energy Saving Trust has some useful information on how much it costs to have double glazing installed. The quotes you will receive will depend on the size of your house and whether your home is fully detached, terraced, or semi-detached. A bigger, detached home will inevitably have more windows than a smaller terraced house, increasing the cost of installation. If we imagine it costs £7,500 to install A rated, PVC double glazing on an average-sized semi-detached house, we can then calculate the average amount of time it takes to recoup the cost of double glazing.

With the average energy savings from double glazing at £150 a year, it will take you 50 years to make back the money spent on installation. However, these savings are rising. If energy costs increase by 80% as predicted, you can expect save around £270 a year. It then takes just 27 years to recoup the cost. That’s not to mention the added value that double glazing adds to your home if you did wish to sell within that timeframe.

Increased Value of Your Home

Double glazing is relatively standard now, so the addition of it to your home can significantly affect a buyer’s offer, as well as a real estate agent’s recommended pricing. It is hard to quantify the value that it adds as every home is different.

If your windows are a significant feature within your home, you can be sure that it will add upwards of 5%. If we say that your house price is £150,000, this can add an extra 5% of value to your home – this is equal to £7,500!

That £7,500 of extra value covers the cost of having double glazing installed in the first place. With the extra energy savings you will have made – at £270 per year with the current energy increase estimates – you will actually be making back good savings on your investment. In 10 years, double glazed windows would have saved you £2,700.

Improved Quality of Life

Besides the insulation keeping in the heat, double glazed windows can 8improve your quality of life in a few ways:

  1. A Quieter Home. Double glazed windows reduce noise pollution you may hear when inside, which is especially useful while working from home – or if you live in a busy, built-up area. You can then make your own music a bit louder too!
  2. Prevent Damp. There will be considerably less condensation in your home, reducing the chance of mould growing that can damage your home, your furniture, and your health.
  3. Enhanced Safety. There is a much greater degree of protection from potential intruders. Double glazed windows are always designed to make it much harder to access a residence from the outside, and there’s that extra pane of glass to prevent them.
  4. Modernise the Home. Double glazed windows modernise the look of your home. This may just seem like an aesthetic thing, but upgrading has an impact on the overall monetary value of your home too.
  5. Improved Maintenance. They are easier to maintain due to the materials and construction methods used. Many double glazed windows also feature low e-glass, which is more reflective of incoming light. This protects the glass from overheating, and also stops too much heat entering your house – where it can then potentially damage furnishings. The designs and materials are also easier to maintain, reducing stress and cost.

If we recap the questions from before:

How much money will I save with double glazing?

Up to £175 a month on energy bills, with the most effective insulating glass – A++ rated.

Can I justify the cost of having double glazing installed?

Yes! If you can afford it, double glazing is a worthwhile investment. It will reduce your monthly energy expenditure, increase the value of your home, and provide other benefits such as noise insulation and reduced condensation. You will make your money back over time with the savings involved.

Aren’t my current windows suitable?

Single pane windows are just simply not as insulating as double glazed windows. You’re likely spending more on your energy bills than you need to. Your current windows may be working fine for you – but consider the winter months ahead, paired with rising energy costs. It might just be time to insulate your home properly now.

Where can I find a reputable double glazing specialist?

At Cloudy2Clear. Speaking directly to our double glazing window specialists will give you the specific answers you’re looking for, as they can survey your home and provide you with a realistic quote.

Finding a Reputable Double Glazing Specialist

The average lifespan of double glazing is around 20 years. Despite this, at Cloudy2Clear we offer a 25-year guarantee on any installations completed by us. You can contact us now for a free quote, and a free consultation.

If you do already have double glazing but notice you have steamed up, condensation, or clouded windows, this means your double glazing has failed – and therefore isn’t insulating your home properly. If your existing double glazing needs maintenance or repairs, we are the people to call.

Our Commitment: Quality Service & Sustainable Windows

We always focus on eco-friendly processes, minimising waste by finding out what it is that may need genuine replacement, and only replacing that specific element of your window or door. We also work to repair, clean, and maintain what is still working efficiently. Unnecessarily replacing the entire window unit is something we consider very wasteful, and we believe that we should play our part in making more sustainable choices as we help homeowners reduce their energy usage.

Cloudy2Clear was established in 2015 and has expanded to serve over 35 locations throughout the UK since – so you can be sure we know our stuff when it comes to double glazing.

You can call us for that free quote now, on: 0800 61 21 119

Or for other ways to get in touch, please visit our contact page.

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