How Texas Cities Fared in Most- and Least-Expensive Home Improvement Costs

Lawn Love ranked the most and least expensive cities for home improvement.

Texas placed 21 cities in Lawn Love’s top-100 least expensive cities for home improvement — good timing because May is National Home Improvement Month.

Lawn Love, a San Diego-based digital marketplace for lawn care and gardening, ranked 200 cities based on 16 key indicators to come up with its ranking.

Indicators were the pros’ hourly rates, the average age of homes, labor and supplies access, and average household spending on home improvement.

Considering inflation, labor shortages, and supply-chain delays, it’s an interesting study to ponder as we inhale the sweet smell of fresh-cut lumber at the local Lowe’s Home Improvement or The Home Depot.

Brownsville was the only Texas city in the top-10. Mesquite led the Dallas-Fort Worth cities at 39th. Arlington was 67th, Grand Prairie 68th, Garland 70th, McKinney 77th, Irving 82nd, Fort Worth 91st, Dallas 97th, and Frisco 99th.

Florida didn’t do bad with 10 cities in the top 20, including Orlando, Miami, and Cape Coral ranked 1-3.

California is the most expensive state for home improvement with eight cities filling out the top 10 with the top four (Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Francisco, and Fremont) in Silicon Valley. At 99th, Plano was the only Texas city ranked in the most expensive city list.

Report review: Lawn Love put together its rankings using various sources (it’s in the methodology section here). For presentation purposes, Lawn Love assembled ranking tables based on the most and least expensive. It’s a simple report and rates as a two-bunny rabbit hole. 🐇 🐇