Need extra space for a home office or classroom? A shed may be an option.

Zoning restrictions, space constraints and homeowner association rules all affect what you can and cannot add to your property. Many jurisdictions ban tiny homes and won’t allow homeowners to keep an RV on their property. Escape, which builds tiny homes, introduced its EscapeSpace line to overcome some of those limitations. The EscapeSpace portable sheds can be used for any purpose and need less space than an RV or tiny home.

The sheds, which are priced from approximately $12,000 to $16,000, are 12 to 16 feet long. Unlike some tiny homes, they are delivered fully constructed either as a shell or customized with finished interiors, electrical, plumbing and solar power options.

The Studio model has a wood exterior, a sliding glass patio door, low-e windows, eight-foot-high ceilings and an open floor plan. Buyers can add a front deck, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The EscapeSpace line of portable sheds became so popular in 2020 that the company has temporarily suspended new orders until December. However, Escape builds other portable tiny homes that blend a tiny home and an RV, some of which may be an option, depending on how much space you have available and the rules of your community.

A company called Sheds Unlimited in Morgantown, Pa., offers a variety of home office sheds that can be delivered fully assembled to your backyard. The sheds come in a range of styles and sizes, from as small as 6 by 6 feet to an 18-by-20-foot two-story shed.

Before buying a shed for your property, it’s important to find out about potential zoning restrictions and rules that could affect your ability to install the shed. Make sure you understand requirements for electricity and plumbing, as well as the configuration of your lot, which could make it difficult to install a shed.

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