Renovation makes 35-year-old Pattambi house an epitome of magnificence | Lifestyle Decor

Dr. Suhail and his family narrate how they have given a modern and stylish makeover for their ancestral house in Muthuthala near Pattambi, which is almost three and half decades old. The interior spaces were congested and hardly received any natural sunshine. So, the family had to switch on lights even during the day.

The old sunshades were removed to be replaced with chic box-shaped show walls. An attractive colour palette was chosen to give the structure a vibrant look. Besides, spotlights too have been newly added to highlight the unique features. A Truss roof is installed above the open terrace. Even though this is a regular aluminium sheet, it looks like shingles have been paved on the roof. This feature allows the family to have a spacious multi-utility area here.

The car porch in the detached style saves space and looks modern too. Moreover, the old walls have been strengthened using the ‘I’ section technique.

The ground floor has a sit-out, formal and family living areas, dining space, a kitchen with work area and two bedrooms. Meanwhile, there is a living room, two more bedrooms and a balcony on the upper floor. Earlier, the house had an area of 2200 sqft. However, after the renovation, the house is 3019 sqft in area. The spatial limitation was overcome by rearranging the interiors in a smart and efficient way. The rooms have been made spacious by joining the existing areas and by adding new spaces.

The old structure had smaller windows that hardly let in any sunlight. These have been replaced with glass windows to bring in rays of sunshine. This was a vital change as it adds a mesmerizing ambience to the interiors.

Attractive walls decorated with veneer panelling and tile cladding are the highlights of the formal living area. A TV unit too has been added here. Meanwhile, the white coloured couches and the console table add to the elegance of the family living area.

A curio shelf has been newly added to grant privacy to the dining area. The adjacent wall is highlighted with beautiful stone cladding to separate the wash area.

The staircase designed in the cantilever style is modern and perfectly suits the renovated structure. Wooden planks have been used as steps here. Meanwhile, the area beneath the staircase is turned into a study cum storage area to make the interiors space-efficient.

A TV unit and a mini library have been added to the upper living area to make it an intimate space where the family members could relax.

The bedrooms have lots of storage areas. The fabric panelling on the headboards is incredibly beautiful. Besides, the bedrooms have attached bathrooms and wardrobes too.

The kitchen cupboards are done in multi wood with PU paint finish. The countertop, meanwhile, has been paved with nano white. A quaint breakfast counter completes the kitchen that got a remarkable upgrade.

Those who visit the family in their ‘new’ house are amazed at how the renewed spaces look and feel incredibly special.

Project Facts

Location – Pattambi, Palakkad

Plot – 22 cents

Area – 3019 SFT

Owner – Dr. Suahil PT

Engineers – Jagannivasan, Vishnu Prasad

Parambattu Builders, Malappuram

Mob – 9400 13271

Interiors Design – Vas Associates

Year of completion – 2022