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Before & After: Modern Rustic Bedroom with Boho Décor

Modern rustic bedroom - Blissful Design

Blending interior styles is a surefire way to enjoy a bespoke space. Especially one that perfectly captures individual tastes and needs. After all, home design preferences rarely fit neatly into a single box. A recent Decorilla client absolutely agreed since they appreciated elements from various looks. Read on to explore how their modern rustic master bedroom with boho décor turned out!

The Challenge: Modern Rustic Master Bedroom

Homes are exceptionally personal spaces and should complement the owners’ lives and styles. It’s only natural then that every interior design project comes with unique challenges. For this modern rustic room design to

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‘Battle on the Beach’ Reveals a Hot Design Trend Nearly All Homeowners Bungle

The competition on Season 2 of “Battle on the Beach” is heating up, and in the latest episode, the teams work hard on what could be the wildest room in a vacation home of all.

In the episode “Kids’ Room Rivalry,” the three teams of renovators—led by HGTV stars Ty Pennington (“Ty Breaker”), Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab”), and Taniya Nayak (“Build It Forward”)—turn tiny beachside bedrooms into fantastical escapes that any kid would love.

With a total of $80,000 to fix up their entire Surfside Beach, TX, homes, and three rooms already done,

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Calming And Cohesive Beige And Greige Home Interior

Gentle beige and greige melds waft airily through this light and elegant family home design, where modern furniture pieces lay out a fashion-forward scene. Visualised by Benjie Space Design, this stylish space features a welcoming open plan living room with smoothly rounded stucco detailing and made-to-measure storage furniture. The master bedroom features a bespoke wardrobe design with a lightweight essence, which complements the minimalist bedroom aesthetic. An atmospherically lit home office is conveniently adjoined to the home gym via a

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