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Real Estate newsletter: Once a convent, now a mansion

Welcome back to the Real Estate newsletter, where house porn meets housing news in a Southern California market that never seems to slow down.

Increasing demand and limited supply is driving buyers into bidding wars, and this week saw multiple listings trying to take advantage of the hot market.

Restaurateur Dana Hollister (you might remember Hollister from her feud with Katy Perry over the right to buy a convent in Los Feliz) is aiming for the all-time price record in Silver Lake. She must have a thing for convents. Over the years, Hollister’s nearly century-old villa has been used as

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Investing in real estate during COVID-19

Although coronavirus vaccines are being distributed throughout the U.S. and life is expected to slowly start getting back to normal in 2021, we are still quite a while from the old status quo. That is, if life ever truly returns to normal after living and working at a distance for at least 18 months.

Although financial markets and the real estate market have improved since the March crash, now is a unique time to begin investing in real estate. Moreover, although the economy has been erratic at best, the real estate market has actually experienced a boom. From the rise … Read More

Financial Considerations Before Adding Onto Your Home | Real Estate

It’s a question that crosses the minds of many homeowners who would like to buy a bigger house but lack the money or will to move: Why don’t I just add onto my house?


But adding or expanding a room isn’t much easier than moving. You have contractors to hire, important decisions to make and a lot of money to spend. If you decide to add a room to your home, it will soon be filled with dust, plaster, nails and other construction materials.

If you’re still dreaming of a home addition, here are some considerations and

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