The new look bricks and how to use them in your contemporary home

Whether it’s the sleek modern look or a nod to Australia’s brick architectural heritage, contemporary brick homes are increasing in popularity, matching the design desires of architects, designers and homeowners alike.

Ebony brick – Perimeter house

Once associated with older homes, the humble brick has gotten a makeover. It provides flexibility with on-trend colours, elegant finishing and textural options for interiors and exteriors. “Concrete face bricks can make a statement with stunning design elements,” says Nathan Martyn from Adbri, Australia’s leading masonry manufacturer. Adbri’s concrete bricks are Australian made, making them a good option for building or renovating projects. Their newest series of coloured concrete brick products are 100% colour-through to reduce chipping and increase longevity.

Bricks are versatile and can be used to create a number of innovative looks from mid-century to contemporary. Homeowners trying to achieve a fluid design in their exteriors can choose anything from shapely furnishings, softly curved walls, round windows to arched doorways and stairways. Curved architectural detailing like this promotes a sense of calm and beauty to the home.

Used internally, exposed face bricks can embed a sense of permeance, security and style. Adbri has multi-design options so you can personalise by introducing speciality laying patterns. Reflect your inner aesthetic by creating a feature wall, a fireplace or highlighting an entry point. Utilising the material within the exterior and interior design of the home creates a cohesive, modern look throughout.

Ivory brick – Carwoola house.

With new colours ranging from stunning white to moody dark greys and blacks, as well as a made-to-order option, there’s a colour to suit all styles of houses from the clean lines of contemporary minimalist to the relaxed style of modern coastal.

A smooth, rendered finish suits a modern contemporary home, a lightly textured shot-blast finish is perfect for a raw and natural finish, or a highly detailed exposed aggregate honed finish that offers a luxurious crushed stone appearance can completely change the look and feel of a wall.

Ebony brick – Perimeter house.

The bricks are also energy-efficient, durable and require little to no maintenance. Their strength helps guard against a range of environmental elements that homes face today and provides a stunning curbside appeal.

Ebony brick – Clinker house. Rory Gardiner photography.

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