Tips on home improvement and maintenance from two New Braunfels housing professionals

Neighborhood Effects Newspaper spoke to a neighborhood real estate agent and roofing experienced on what to appear out for in the latest housing market. The following conversations ended up flippantly edited for duration and clarity.

Talk to a realtor:

Sarah McDaniel, proprietor and operator of Greenbelt Realty, shared some of her suggestions for prospective buyers and sellers in the current New Braunfels housing market.

What are some of your leading suggestions for homebuyers correct now?

“Have superior have faith in in the [real estate agent] that you’re doing work with. Two, I think some thing that’s sensible is do not automatically shy away from some of these lending applications like … This time final calendar year 65% of every offer that most mortgage loan brokers did was refinances. And obviously with fascination costs going up which is not the case. So lenders are hurting, too. … Now’s not the time to mess all over with portion-time brokers, and don’t shy away from nontraditional solutions for financing.”

What are your prime suggestions for household sellers suitable now?

“Because inventory carries on to climb for the duration of this time of year, one significant offer is normally producing your home the very best it can probably search. … Our method is always record it inside sight of the place the house could moderately appraise … it presents your agent a superior shot at negotiating superior appraisal language. … Even although the marketplace is so hot, continue to checklist your household inside of a fair quantity that it could actually appraise for, like, do not go nuts.”

Sarah McDaniel, Operator and broker, Greenbelt Realty

147 S. Academy Ave., New Braunfels • 979-308-1385 •


Question a roofer:

Ami Feller, proprietor of Roofer Chicks, shared some ideas to maintain in head about the situation of a roof when purchasing a dwelling.

What are your best suggestions to homebuyers, both new builds and older homes, to search for?

“I commonly explain to individuals it would behoove them to have a roofing contractor really glimpse at the roof a good deal of property inspectors, they’re not specialists they’re generalists. So a large amount of instances when they’re looking at the roof, they do not genuinely know what they are hunting at. Actually, 50% of them do not even get on the roof. They just kind of possibly take pics from the floor or set their ladder up and choose pictures from a ladder. So I would get a roofing contractor [to] occur out and choose a appear at the roof like we demand $185 for a true estate inspection, and it’s nicely worth it for the peace of mind. The major detail is to make confident that it does not have hail destruction, mainly because if it has hail damage it requires to be changed, and the seller’s insurance policies would much more than very likely cover most of the prices of substitute. So that’s a serious superior thing to figure out in advance of you invest in the residence.”

If somebody was hunting into new roofing or obtaining a newly built dwelling, what are some tips you could have?

“For most builders the roof is a person place where they help save revenue. We never do new construction simply because the prices are so low. The top quality of the roof is effortlessly fairly lower. Even on million-dollar properties. They go out and they glance for crews, and the crews aren’t necessarily roofers. They know how to nail shingles but they’re not true good at all the aspects. And so yet again, I would stimulate persons to have the roof inspected at the very least ahead of you signal off and accept that.”

Ami Feller, operator, Roofer Chicks

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