Tour Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Stylishly Welcoming Texas Farmhouse

The beloved power couple, Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are well known for their outstanding remodeling jobs on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, but it’s their intimate, luxurious farmhouse that is the real masterpiece for the enterprising pair. The reality TV stars and soon-to-be, Magnolia Network moguls, have not been shy to share glimpses of their gorgeous home via social media over the years.

As the family of five has grown in the past two years, it looks like they’ll have no shortage of space in their 1,700 square-foot home in Texas. The old Victorian home located in the town of Crawford, a suburb of Waco, features a sprawling 40-acre property, with their rustic home centered on the land.

(Photo: HGTV / Discovery Inc.)

Naturally, the Fixer Upper hosts chose a farmhouse built in 1895 for their family home, which needed lots of love. According to a report by Country Living, the Gaines spent about a year working on the house before they could even move into it. They turned a two-bedroom house into a home fit for six people — and now seven. All the while, they were able to keep the rural aesthetic alive. Here’s a look at some of the Gaines’ best restoration projects on their own home.


While houses have become more oriented to the back rather than the front yard, porches have never completely gone out of style and the Gaines family has one that is the absolute perfect example of how it should look like. The open, wraparound porch is ideal for the home that epitomizes Americana and is simple and sweet.



The country aesthetic is alive and well in the old rocking chairs positioned on the front porch. In their doorway, the Gaines’ painted an inspiring quote onto the wall. While it previously read, “By wisdom a house is built through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures,” it now reads, “Ain’t Nobody Like a Homebody, Go Get ‘Em Mom.”


Dining Room

Of course, the Gaines designed their entire first floor with an open layout. The kitchen and the dining room bleed together, along with an additional living room-type space for more casual gatherings. While it may look incredibly well put-together, their children seem to have no problem making the space look lived-in.


Living Rooms

The Gaines’ have an impressive collection of reclaimed wood furniture and unique custom designs. The living room walls are adorned with reclaimed shutters to pull the whole appearance together.

You don’t need to look far in the Gaines household to find a place to kick up your feet. The family has a beautiful fireplace and all kinds of comfy seats to nestle into.

The accessories in the Gaines home are also most an aspect that truly complements the designer’s living spaces with how simplistic and minimalist they are.



The house may look immaculate, but the kitchen is made to be worked in. The island provides ample space for working, as Joanna showed when she baked enough cookies to feed a small army.


Coffee Bar

The Gaines are busy people, which means they need a whole lot of caffeine. Accordingly, they have made one corner of their house into a quaint coffee bar, as Joanna wrote about on her blog.


Home Office

While it looks like a nice place to relax, the Gaines home has plenty of spaces for working as well. The place is filled with small desks and office nooks where the parents can get a few things done at home or the kids can do some homework. She also has a “creative space,” complete with the perfect red table.


Craft Room

Joanna turned one room into an enviable crafting space, with everything she or her kids could need to let their imaginations run wild.


Laundry room

The Gaines family laundry room at the farmhouse isn’t something shown on their feeds too much, but it’s a gorgeous space that will have us wanting to clean up even more. Serving as a mudroom and laundry room, the small addition off of their dining room is to keep laundry and her favorite plants.



The Gaines have their children split across two bedrooms — one for the boys and one for the girls. The girls’ room is has a regal appearance with big, luxurious bed frames, while the boys’ room has a brilliantly efficient set of bunk beds attached to the walls.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom is picturesque, with plenty of natural light and space for the kiddos to join in!



The Gaines’ bathroom combines functionality with the farmhouse look they are so committed to. Smartly, these too are separated into boys’ and girls’ bathrooms respectively.



Outside, it can’t be said that the Gaines don’t put their land to some use. The family reportedly has a total of 60 animals, with a functional farm. They also have a working greenhouse and an enclosed garden where Joanna and her kids are constantly working on horticultural projects.


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