Unusual home ideas your family will love

Unusual home ideas your family will love

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Bring out your unique personality through your interior design! As we found in our Home Improvement Trends Report, bold, bright and unusual designs are taking over online design communities on Instagram and TikTok. When looking for room design ideas, homeowners are drawn toward concepts that are a bit different.

Its popularity is reflected in the value that unusual styles can add to a home. For example, Japandi decor ranks at number 14 in our top 20 interior design trends based on UK search volume, number of Instagram posts and TikTok hashtag views. This home design idea could add almost £5,000 to the value of your home!

So what are some unusual room design ideas you could incorporate into your space? Read on for inspiration.

Embracing your curves

Picture of a luxury kitchen

Curved furniture definitely falls into the unusual side of home decor, but it can really elevate a room. It’s a softer, more natural shape and can be used to complement a curved wall. You can even take this style outside with curved garden furniture, for instance a bench to wrap around a firepit or pond area.

Curved furniture isn’t as easy to find, so it might take some extra searching before pick the right piece. To achieve the perfect fit for a curved space, order your furniture custom-made. Bespoke curved furniture allows you to partake in this trend, but your own way.

Looking for a local carpenter to make your kitchen curved rather than rectangular? Find a professional tradesperson with Rated People.


Adopting a biophilic design

Picture of a sofa will a living wall panel installed above it

If you love getting lost in nature, this design trend is for you. Biophilia is the love of living things. Biophilic design is not only inspired by nature but incorporates it into home design. From a room that highlights potted plants to a whole living wall, biophilic architecture (inspired by the rise of urban gardening) blurs the lines between inside and outside spaces. Living walls ranked number 3 in our top 20 interior design trends and have the potential to add around £3,000 to the value to your home.

As well as looking good, there are other incentives for bringing nature inside. Plants have air cleaning qualities which have been linked to improved sleep and other benefits. If you’re lacking garden space or are simply a plant lover, play around with biophilic design.

Styling your bookcases

Picture of a bookcase with an arm chair next to it

Bookcases aren’t just for storage. They can be their own design feature, bringing style and aesthetics to a room. Styling a bookcase can be as simple or ornate as you’d like. Some bookcase ideas include organising your books according to size or colour. To take it a step further you can wrap your books and colour block.

To add extra detail, consider getting ornaments to decorate your shelves with. This brings interest and depth to the design feature. To get the exact effect you have in mind, it’s well worth talking to a carpenter about getting a custom bookcase made and fitted for you. Find a vetted carpenter on Rated People.

What unusual home design ideas have you been inspired to add to your home? As these designs can be harder to source the materials for, finding a tradesperson on Rated People to help you complete the project ensures you fall in love with your unusual home design.


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