White House Rolls Out New Covid.gov Website for One-Stop Info


Information on COVID testing, treatment and other tools are available on the government’s new website.

Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites.

The Biden administration launched on Wednesday the new Covid.gov website, a centralized resource with tools and information related to the pandemic. The government is offering a primary online destination to help Americans find masks, tests, vaccines and treatments.

As part of the website rollout, a new Test-to-Treat locator tool is available to help people find testing sites that offer treatment options if necessary. You can also learn about COVID rates in your community, order at-home testing kits or pinpoint where to get a vaccine. 

When you visit the Covid.gov website, there’s an option on the main screen to enter your county information. It will return results with your area’s COVID cases and hospitalizations and offer links to the latest news from the CDC. You can navigate down to the toolkit to locate where to get masks, vaccines and medication such as antiviral pills. Another section addresses travel, symptoms and home testing. 

The site is available in English, Spanish and Chinese. For people who need additional support or can’t go online, there is a national hotline at (800) 232-0233.  

Two years into the pandemic, the US has moved into a new phase of dealing with COVID-19 as mask mandates have expired and other safety measures have eased or ended. There have been more than 6.1 million recorded deaths worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID tracker, including more than 978,000 deaths in the US. 

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