York’s building permits high for the year of 2020 | Local News

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Editor’s note: This story looks at the trends and types of construction projects in the City of York over the past year, which included the COVID-19 situation. It also looks at the five-year trends in the city. 2020 saw great statistics, regarding project volumes and values – including in the area of renovations. This story is one of several features prepared for this Friday’s publication/special section looking at the Business Viewpoint of the York and York County.

YORK – There may have been a global pandemic in the calendar year of 2020, but that certainly did not slow down the issuance of building permits or construction projects in the city. If anything, it may have created an increase.

According to figures provided by the City of York, there were 272 total building permits issued in the city in 2020, compared to 246 in 2019, 270 in 2018, 250 in 2017 and 287 in 2016.

The project value, however, was less last year than in previous years. In 2020, the total project value came in at $13,914,764, compared to the following: $18,061,931 in 2019; $18,368,416 in 2018; $11,087,123 in 2017; and $15,332,526 in 2016.

In 2020, there were nine new single family houses constructed in the city, compared to six in 2019, nine in 2018, six in 2017 and 11 in 2016. The total project value for new houses, last year, was nearly $2.9 million.