Author: Mary G. Dempsey

At Home: Put down the drill and no one gets hurt | Lifestyle

I used to think there was nothing sexier than seeing my husband walk through the house with a toolkit and ladder, intent on finishing a home improvement project for me.

Not anymore.

Not since I saw a report about how many home improvement projects land amateur DIYers in the emergency room. Now I like to see other men walking through my house carrying tools and a ladder because that means my husband is not at risk of losing critical body parts.

According to a new study from Clearsurance, an online platform that helps consumers shop for and compare insurance plans,

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Creating a Water-Saving Landscape in San Diego Can Save Money, Add Home Value

Water-saving landscapes are attractive and in balance with the regional environment and climate. Photo courtesy San Diego County Water Authority

First in a series republished with permission from the San Diego County Water Authority‘s website.

Using water efficiently is a way of life and an important responsibility in San Diego County’s beautiful Mediterranean climate. WaterSmart landscaping rethinks the way limited water resources can be used by making smart choices to reduce outdoor water use. But saving water is just one benefit of low-water-use landscaping.

WaterSmart landscapes are attractive and in balance with the regional environment and climate. They incorporate

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Biden Names New White House Press Secretary

Karine Jean-Pierre. You’ll now be hearing that name very often.

The 44-year-old political operative was named the new White House press secretary this afternoon. President Joe Biden announced in a statement that she would succeed Jen Psaki, who has held the role since the beginning of the administration, on May 13. Jean-Pierre has previously been the principal deputy press secretary in the office, serving as Psaki’s top deputy, and has conducted briefings from the White House podium.

Jean-Pierre is long-time Democratic staffer who has served in a variety of roles. Beginning her career in New York City politics as an

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