9 DIY Red Christmas Decorations


Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather, exchange gifts, and strengthen bonds. It’s also the time of year when everyone decorates their homes with brightly coloured ornaments, garlands, and sparkling lights. Red is the most bright and most popular classic Christmas colour, so stock up on red Christmas tree decorations before they run out. Furniture stores, such as Moda Furnishings Limited, are excellent places to look for decorations. These retailers typically have a wide range of home decorations, including all the Christmas ornaments you might need to complete your theme.

9 DIY decoration ideas

Buying decorations is delicate, but making your own may be a pleasant bonding experience and offer more value to the items. Here are some beautiful ideas for DIY decorations: Repurpose old or ruined bundt pans by stacking, repainting, and turning them into front doorbells (or bells elsewhere). Hot glue little ornaments attached to strings at the bottom to make the clappers. For hanging, tie ribbon loops and a bow to the top. — Different String shades of red and texture ornaments on a wire to make a monochromatic ornament wreath. — Cut a piece of printer paper or carton into a square and fold it origami-style into a two-dimensional star to make a wrapping paper tree topper. — Create berry lanterns. Begin by placing a tiny tumbler in a large glass vase. Insert a pillar candle into the tumbler, then fill the vase with red Christmas cranberries. Finish with a striped ribbon tied in a bow around the outside. — Consider making a pompom wreath. Wrap a wire ring wreath frame in a fabric ribbon and secure it with a ribbon for hanging. Stitch the pompoms onto the material with the wool tails, alternating the colours. After that, tie the material onto a ribbon. — Make your own place settings. Wrap little boxes with a festive gift to use as dinner table place settings. Use ribbon and gift wrap that goes well with your table’s decor, or print your own using your guests’ names or a festive welcome. If desired, add foliage or berries. — Make decoupage ornaments. Adhere fabric scraps to old Baubles to decorate them. As long as the bauble is completely covered, the pieces don’t have to be the same size. — Make ribbon tree ornaments. Cut a 15 cm-long piece of ribbon. Then cut four more, each about 2 cm shorter than the previous one. Attach the longest ribbon 2 cm from the bottom, then tie the remaining ribbons in decreasing diameters. Attach a string at the top for hanging. — Wrap the bases of miniature tea candles with red washi tape and distribute them throughout your home.

Feeling hesitant only to use Red?

This is understandable, given that Christmas decorations have traditionally been fairly colourful. Regardless, there will be people that prefer monotone themes but stay away because of the judgement they might receive. Utilising only one colour with some white accents might look stunning. Wouldn’t it be pointless to decorate your home in a way you don’t like? Feel free to use only red if you prefer it! Just use a variety of shades and textures to keep your theme from falling flat.

In conclusion

Thousands of DIY decorations you could make will thrill anyone who sees them. However, making your own decorations allows you to customise them as you see fit and adds far more value than purchasing them.

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