A window between the kitchen and dining room

A window between the kitchen and dining room

In this beautiful home, a historic 16-panel window was fitted in between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the existing layout.

This beautiful Swedish apartment has quite a few characterful elements to it that I really like, yet the historic 16-panel window that has been built into the wall shared by the kitchen and dining room is the one that really stands out to me.

A black kitchen with white metro tiles

The kitchen is a play of contrasts, with the black kitchen cabinets combined with the white metro tiles that are spread over the entire kitchen walls, from floor to ceiling. The white marble countertops give the kitchen an elegant and nuanced touch and allow for some natural lines to be paired up with the straight lines of the tiles.

In between two large storage units, a small kitchen table finds its place with a bench against the wall to save space. While this spot is great for having coffee or breakfast, a bigger dining table can be found on the other side of the beautiful historic window between the kitchen and dining room.

A white dining room with a window to the kitchen

The white-soaped hardwood flooring, the light plastered walls, and the antique storage units that frame the window shape the perfect setting for this minimal dining room. While this room doesn’t have much contrast, apart from the black woodburning stove, you can see the black kitchen peeking through the window, which makes the two rooms balance each other out.

Minimal white Bedroom

The bedroom has been decorated in a very minimal way, with the large photograph of the Flatiron building and the large plant next to the window being the only points of contrast here.

The wardrobe has been hidden behind a ceiling high curtain, which is an elegant solution to divide the space.

via Historiska Hem

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