Landmark 24 Homes and Realty: Advice On Working With A New Home Builder

Landmark 24 Homes and Realty: Advice On Working With A New Home Builder

When searching real estate listings in Hardeeville, SC, some individuals discover they cannot find exactly what they want in their new residence. Some men and women purchase a home and renovate it to meet their needs. Other buyers, however, choose to work with a new home builder. As they don’t take on this task regularly, homebuyers aren’t sure how to ease the process. The following tips become of great help when working with a new home builder in the Hardeeville, SC area. 

Research Various Floor Plans

Before meeting with a builder to construct a home, like the homes that are available in Millstone Landing, a new community in Hardeeville, SC, explore different floor plans. Sit down with the family and discuss what is necessary for the new home and which features are a necessity and which features would be nice to have. This helps to narrow the choices before the meeting with the builder.

Some buyers want a more customized floor plan. However, that is not the case with all production builders. Certain people find they can take a floor plan layout and make slight modifications to meet their needs. The internet serves as an excellent resource to research different home builders and their floor plans to see different plan layouts and how extensive the options are when making certain plan changes. 

Be Flexible

However, don’t walk into the meeting with the home builder with a set plan in mind. Remain flexible, and open, as the builder may find a plan selected by a client will not work for a variety of reasons. Many production builders like Landmark 24 Homes have a variety of different plan designs to meet the lifestyle needs of many different buyers. Over the years layouts have been modified, phased out and new plans introduced all to appeal to the tastes of most buyers.  Also because the builder has experience in making modifications to new home builds and existing floor plans, they understand how to give the client something similar to what they want while still complying with building codes and other regulations. Additionally, keeping a set number of plans helps streamline production and keeps overall costs low, as opposed to building a completely custom home.

However, if one finds that a selected home plan from a production builder does not quite meet desired needs or that one may require more variety or flexibility in our home layout, consider working with a custom builder and architect who can design a home exactly to one’s needs and specifications.

Communication is Key

New home builders spend a significant amount of time communicating with other people involved in the construction process. This includes subcontractors, suppliers, government officials, and the new home buyer. The buyer must respond to any communications from the builder in a timely manner to ensure there are no delays in the construction process. In addition, the buyer bears the responsibility for contacting the builder if anything changes in the home-buying process. Open lines of communication help reduce delays, cost overruns, and more. 

Avoid Changes Once the Building Process Begins

Cost overruns and delays often occur because the buyer changes one or more elements of the home after construction begins. Avoid this by finalizing the design plan before the builder moves forward with construction. If changes are desired, consider how major they are. One may ask themselves if this is something that must happen during construction, or can it be added after the home is finished? In many cases, it’s wise to allow the construction process to move forward with the least amount of delays as possible. The home buyer can always undertake renovations and make changes once construction is complete. 

New home builders understand many buyers are requesting a personalized home for the first time. They walk their clients through the process step by step. Listen to the builder throughout the process, as their goal is to construct homes buyers love and do so in a client-friendly way. With the right partner, any buyer will find this process to be less frustrating and time-consuming than they imagined. 

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