“Barkitecture” & “Catification” – Luxury Pet Room Trends You Should know

“Barkitecture” & “Catification” – Luxury Pet Room Trends You Should know

Trends in living have changed greatly over the last few years, and not just for humans. Anyone who spends time on TikTok or Instagram may have seen terms like “Barkitecture” or “Catification” as ways to describe making a luxury pet room for your furry friend. We wanted to capture some of the best ideas to inspire your future pet room, or simply admire the creativity and passion others have for their pets.

Luxury Dog Bedroom

A luxury dog bedroom may seem a bit much, but if you have the space and time for it, it can be such a fun feature for not just your dog but your home. We all love a cozy house, making an equally cozy and comfortable spot specifically for your dog can be fairly simple. On the simple side, taking an unused or little used closet and converting this into a spectacular dog den with a Costco dog bed and dog door is one approach. On the extreme side, custom making an entire dog house complete with rooms, furniture, and features like a bubbling water fountain is one way to take your dog’s bedroom to a level worthy of its own TV show.

Dog Cribs Anyone?

Living the life of luxury is no longer just for humans. Pets are getting the high end treatment, with fantastic, luxury dog bedrooms normally reserved for people!

While these lavish designs are aspirational for most of us, we love living vicariously through the imagination, and pet lives, of others and their luxury dog bedrooms made of dreams!

These inspirational videos show just how creative and cozy a luxury dog bedroom can be, using existing space and materials in your home.

Catify Your Home

We aren’t giving the dogs all the attention. Catifying your home is more than adding a custom, luxury pet room for your feline friend. Taking time to acknowledge how cats play, live, and build their confidence are a few things to take into consideration when turning your home from merely cat friendly to a true paradise.

Catify your home with furniture

This is a great idea from The Refined Feline, with beautifully designed furniture and cat comfort items that elevate the design of your home, rather than clutter it.

Need more ideas? Jackson Galaxy and Chewy have a fantastic series of ideas on catifying your home, including making a cat “highway”, replacing your water bowl with a water bubbler, and making your cat confident in their space. A luxury pet room is fantastic, but truly making your entire home into a cat’s dream without sacrificing your own space is superb.

Luxury Pet Room Ideas – Making Your Pet’s Space A Dream

No matter how you choose to elevate your pet’s room, your pet can feel comfortable in their space and have a bit of fun. Don’t stress about reaching some of the levels of some of these pet room creators. A few simple ideas to take your home up a notch to create a simple luxury pet room feel includes a new bed for your pet, a bubbling water fountain for a beautiful water feature, and a space for toys. Feel at home in your space and add some comfort for your pets! Want more ideas on home decor and design? Check out our section on home design and decor!

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