Christmas Gift Ideas From Chad-O-Chef

If spending quality time with loved ones is at the top of your priority list these holidays, you will love our list of Christmas gift ideas this year from Chad-O-Chef!

Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Square Egg Rings (Set of 4)

The perfect fried egg should cover a slice of toast “eggsactly”.  This is why we love these egg rings from Chad-O-Chef, designed to form an egg to the size and shape of an average slice of toast, adding some playfulness for the whole family.  They’re also the perfect size and shape for flapjacks, hash browns, mini omelettes and more.  Manufactured in Stainless Steel with this fun design, they are made to last for years to come.

2. Premium Spatula

Chad-O-Chef’s Premium Spatula is made from a sturdy 2mm brushed stainless steel, with the look and feel of a high quality gift.  Specifically made for the braai, its extra-large size easily handles meat while featuring a contoured edge for delicate fish & vegetables as well. Furthermore, this spatula has an ergonomic saligna wooden handle, protecting you from the heat and making braaiing tasteful

3. Stouff Hibachi Braai

This portable ceramic Hibachi Braai is a must-have for braais-on-the-go.  Easy to use, with the option of a grill and skewer attachment. This braai is fun to use at home. Alternatively, use it at other locations where you want to take your own high-quality braai along with you.

4. FireBlades

Gather your friends and family outdoors with these designer fire pits. Simply kick up your feet and get away from it all by creating a home escape in your own backyard.  These quality FireBlades are made with a thick, durable material which will subsequently enhance your outdoor entertainment area for years to come.

5. AlFresco Pizza Oven

Baking with the kids can be some of the best spent time in the holidays.  These outdoor pizza ovens allow you to cook almost anything with that great wood-fire flavour, including not only pizzas, roasts, breads & stews, but any of your favourite baked deserts aswell!

6. Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai

Make every stir-fry a spectacle from all angles around the Boma Braai and get your family & friends involved in the cooking action. Furthermore, the large 800 x 800mm cooking surface allows you and your family to cook a full course meal without any trouble at all.

Still, want to know more? Contact the friendly staff from Chad-O-Chef, and they will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.


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