‘Dollar House’ From Season 3 of HGTV’s ‘Rehab Addict’ Sells for More Than a Buck

Last week, it was the subject of a bidding frenzy just a few hours after it came on the market for $249,900.

How the heck did this happen? Well, a reality TV renovation had plenty to do with it.

In 2011, the place was a wreck and on the brink of tumbling down. The city wanted to demolish the eyesore in favor of an empty lot. The broken windows, rotting floors, and splintered siding—all vestiges of the home’s construction in 1911—constituted health and fire hazards.

That’s when local builder Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict,” entered the picture. She convinced city officials she could save the house. She had a plan to convert it into the gem of the community and save the city from a blighted property. Best of all, she talked the city into selling the home to her for just a buck.

Minneapolis home featured in HGTV’s “Rehab Addict”


Curtis spent the entirety of Season 3 of her popular show working on “The Dollar House.”

She invested $145,000 of her own money to renovate and remodel the place. She was able to salvage the hardwood flooring upstairs and downstairs as well as some of the original woodwork.



Living room


Dining room


However, the bathrooms and kitchen needed to be brought up to current standards and were completely redone. The home’s foundation and all the mechanical systems were also swapped out.

New kitchen


New bath



When Curtis finished with the three-bedroom, 2,610-square-foot home in 2012, she sold it for $150,000.

It didn’t represent a large profit for the makeover queen, but at least she saved the house and upgraded the neighborhood in the process.

Main bedroom




Third bedroom


Fast-forward to this month, and the buyers who took it off Curtis’ hands are grinning at their good fortune.

The $150,000 they paid Curtis for the residence was one of the best investments they ever made. They received their first offer just hours after they put it on the market and a bidding war ensued.

“It went for well over the asking price,” says listing agent Garrett Matheson, of IQ Realty. Curtis “was able to keep the 19th-century charm, while adding 21st-century amenities. Everything here is done. The house is completely move-in ready.”

Other factors also played a part in the lightning-quick sale.

“People here like small yards,” he says, noting the property’s manageable 2,614-square-foot lot.

A small yard can be attractive.


According to the agent, the quick sale and notable appreciation were also influenced by the current “insane market” in Minneapolis.

“It’s like that no matter where you go,” he adds.

Now, this pristine, 111-year-old house has a new life and new owners who will consider themselves lucky to be there. Mark up yet another happy ending for an HGTV home.

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