12 Amazing Things to do on Menorca: Beaches, Towns & Food | The Common  Wanderer

On Menorca, villa accommodation makes an ideal base from which to explore this fascinating island. Here are a few local tips you may find useful. Rent a car On Menorca, villa accommodation can be located in rural or coastal areas, and for the former, car hire is usually essential. But even if you happen to be close to villas in bangalore a resort centre, you might still find that public transport is limited and unpredictable.

There is a vast range of fascinating things to see on this island and the use of a car will open many more of them up to you. Do your research It sometimes comes as a surprise to discover that this island has more miles of beaches than Majorca and Ibiza combined. Some of these are, as you might expect, directly associated with a resort, such as Son Bou. Yet others are still completely undeveloped.

If you like isolation and beaches that suggest the way things were in times gone by, you might want to do a little research before you set off. There are a significant number to choose from – so grab a map and a picnic and go exploring! Remember the siesta Although the extended siesta is now a declining part of much of modern Spanish culture, nevertheless you may find that the practice of closing in the middle part of the day is still relatively commonplace.

The origins of this are related to avoiding working during the hottest part of the day, so the time lost is offset by most shops staying open until perhaps 10pm or even later. Make sure you factor this quirk in to your day as, outside of perhaps the centre of large towns such as Mahon and Ciutadella (and often even there), you might find many retail locations are closed during the mid-afternoon period.

Visit the two major towns Although it is perfectly possible to have an enjoyable holiday on this great island without visiting either Mahon or Ciutadella, missing them would be a great pity. These are two truly fascinating towns with a wealth of things to explore, including some interesting and alternative shopping. So, try and spare some time from the beaches of Menorca, villa comforts and the urge to do nothing to have a look around them! Take some walking shoes This island is famous for its coastal and inland walking paths and they are a fascinating way to see the true nature of the region.

Of course, although much of the walking is easy to moderate, trying to get around in flip flops or beach shoes might be a challenge. So, slip a pair of comfortable but sturdy(ish) walking shoes into your luggage and be prepared. Get to the local markets Shopping in the local supermarkets is fine but if you really want to sample local produce and the local culture, you need to get to one of the open markets.

These exist in Mahon and Ciutadella but also in several other smaller locations around the island. On Menorca, villa accommodation will include kitchen facilities and shopping for local produce to cook at home will be an unforgettable experience.