Faye Toogood introduces new Dough ceramics collection

Faye Toogood introduces new Dough ceramics collection

Dough ceramics designed by British designer Faye Toogood

British designer Faye Toogood is probably most known for her Roly-Poly furniture pieces, which have made their way into a range of renowned interior projects and private homes. Her work includes furniture design, clothing, and since recently also homewares. Her minimal and sculptural objects are bold, yet fit in with so many different styles

Dough ceramics is the most recent addition to the Faye Toogood portfolio of unique and groundbreaking designs. The ceramic series consists of a mug, jug, bowl, platter, vase, and centerpiece, which are all handmade and inspired by the shape or rising dough.

A ceramics series to seamlessly go on the Roly-Poly dining table

The new collection of dough ceramics was created around the Roly-Poly aesthetic Faye Toogood is most known for. The ceramics series were to be used on the Roly-Poly table seamlessly and the designs were created to go hand in hand with the products in that range, hence the oversized, plump, and bulging look of the products.

The Dough mug, my new Faye Toogood favorite

For the design of the Dough mug, the British designer wanted to give additional attention to the details in the simple ritual of having a cup of tea. The forms and curves on this cup are what make it work so nicely. The Dough mug set is my personal favorite from the collection and so on brand with the beautiful Faye Toogood designer aesthetic.

Crafted at Toogood Studio in London and glazed in Portugal

The ceramic pieces in the collection come in cream or charcoal and have a very simple design aesthetic without details or decoration, which is unnecessary with such bold shapes. The glaze has a soft sheen and looks as if it were painted. The ceramics themselves are crafted in the Toogood studio in London, whereas the glazing process is done by artisans in Portugal. A beautiful collaboration between talented makers.

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