How Do You Fix a Washout on a Seawall?


Seawalls serve a dual purpose and are an integral part of Florida’s real estate landscape. First, they act as a barrier against oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks and canals while protecting your property from erosion on one side. This makes waterfront land safe for both structures and people alike by keeping property intact and free from erosion. However, if seawalls or retaining walls are improperly serviced, neglected, or inadequately constructed, their dual purpose can be compromised. Unfortunately, subtle signs of serious deterioration often go undetected until they’re too late.

The Solution

Your seawall’s condition may not require replacement. The sooner you recognize the signs and symptoms of an issue, the greater your chance are at saving money on costly repairs or replacement. Replacing a seawall usually costs three to four times as much as repair.

Seawall damage can be caused by a variety of reasons, and the solution depends on the exact cause, wall condition and property damage. Depending on the type of construction and extent of damage, there may be multiple options to consider.

  1. Examine the Damage: Inspect the washout to assess its extent. Look for signs of cracks or other damage to the seawall structure.
  2. Remove Debris: Clear debris or loose material around the washout, such as rocks, sand, or dirt. Doing this will enable you to assess damage more accurately and create a clean workspace.
  3. Fill the Washout: Fill the washout with a mixture of concrete and sand to form a firm base. Mix this material at an even ratio of three parts sand to one concrete. Ideally, the mix should be stiff but still workable.
  4. Smooth Out the Surface: Use a trowel to even out the surface of the concrete mixture. Make sure it’s level and blends in with the surrounding seawall.
  5. Reinforce the Repair: If necessary, reinforce the repair with steel mesh or rebar to add extra strength to the seawall.

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