How To Dispute a Roof Damage Insurance Claim Denial

How To Dispute a Roof Damage Insurance Claim Denial

a roof that is nearly chopped up to pieces and the homeowners roof damage insurance claim was denied so they will need to put a tarp downHomeowners insurance is designed to relieve the financial stress that comes with roof damage. For some homeowners, submitting a roof damage insurance claim can actually produce stress. When a claim is denied, you could be stuck footing the bill for repairs or a total roof replacement yourself. However, if you do not agree with your insurance company’s decision, you have the right to file a dispute. Learn more about why claims are typically denied, what you can do if you receive a denial, and why you should speak with roof repair contractors before moving forward.

The Roof Damage Insurance Claim Process

The insurance claim process for roof damage is not always simple. When you file a claim, there are several people involved in the approval process. In addition to the homeowner, most insurance claims involve an insurance adjuster who is essentially a representative for the insurance company. This person helps make decisions and eventually cuts the check. The third party involved in the process is professional roof repair contractors. These are the people who will inspect the damage and fix your roof.

Before calling your insurance company, you should carefully read through your homeowners insurance policy. If you believe that the damage should be covered, call local roof repair contractors to inspect the damage. A reputable roof repair contractor can provide an accurate estimate. If the estimate is more than the cost of your deductible, then filing a roof damage insurance claim may be the best option. When you contact your insurance company about the damage, they will schedule an appointment for an insurance adjuster to come to your home and assess the damage. The insurance company will want to assess the damage themselves, even if you have a contractor.

an extremely damaged roof that will need the help of roof repair contractors so that they can fix it while the homeowners get their roof damage insurance claim approvedAfter the insurance adjuster determines the level of damage, you should receive a homeowner summary of damages within a few days. If the roof damage insurance claim is approved, you should also receive your first check. This first check will only cover half of the amount needed to make the necessary repairs or replacement of the roof. The homeowner will also be required to pay the deductible that they agreed to pay when the insurance policy was initially purchased. Following the roof claim approval, you will have a set amount of time to make the necessary roof repairs.

Once the work is complete, the insurance company will require documentation to show that the money went toward the roof repairs or replacement. After reviewing this information, the homeowner will be sent a second check to cover any remaining costs that the first check did not cover. After receiving the second check, the job should be paid in full. At this point in the roof damage insurance claim process, the homeowner should have a repaired or new roof, and the professional roof repair contractors should be paid in full for their services.

Why Claims May Be Denied

Not all homeowners insurance policies pay. It is not that the insurance companies are corrupt, but rather that the roof or damage did not meet the strict coverage terms laid out in your policy. Know that if the cost to fix your roof is less than your deductible amount, your claim may be denied. It’s also important to understand that most policies have a different deductible for hail or wind claims, which is often higher than the deductible for other claims. Be sure to carefully read your policy and deductibles.

You should also look carefully at the exclusions listed on your insurance policy. Certain types of damages may be limited or excluded from coverage, such as damage from wildfires or earthquakes. Also, remember that your homeowners insurance policy will not cover basic maintenance to your home. This means that if the damage has occurred over a long period, it’s considered normal wear and tear and will not be covered by your policy. If your roof has reached or surpassed its expected life span and is damaged, your roof damage insurance claim may be denied due to the age of the roof.

Disputing an Insurance Denial

Fairfax, VA roof repair contractors fixing and repairing a roof that has been curved due to massive storms in the area during the summerIf your roof damage insurance claim is denied and you disagree with the decision, contact the insurance company and schedule a re-inspection. During this inspection with the insurance adjuster, have reputable roof repair contractors on-site to document the list of damages along with the adjuster. You may discover that some of the damage was overlooked the first time around. Know that the claim handler may ask for certain types of evidence before sending out another representative, such as photos of the damage. In some instances, roof repairs or replacements may be approved based on the photos alone if the extent of the damage is highly evident in the images.

The dispute process requires the homeowner to file an appeal with the insurance company. When you submit the appeal, ask your insurer for a resolution date. The rebuttal process is not always quick, and you may be waiting for a while to hear back. If the deadline passes and you have not heard back from the insurance company, follow up with your insurer. If your appeal is denied, you have the option to dispute this action with the insurance company further. You can ask to speak to the company’s superiors or file a complaint with the regulatory agency in your state.

Hiring Roof Repair Contractors

Hiring professional roof repair contractors to assess the damage before contacting the insurance company is one of the best things you can do. A contractor will be able to help determine the specific amount of damage to the roof and what may have caused the damage. This can be useful when providing evidence to the insurance company. Experienced roof repair contractors can also provide a quote to fix the damage or replace the roof if necessary. For more information about the roof damage insurance claim process or to schedule an inspection, contact a roof repair contractor today.

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