INTERIOR TIPS | How to Decorate a Large Wall

Ever found yourself in a new empty home? With all blank walls to be decorated?

Yes, it can be scary. Follow our tips below and get your inspiration on how to decorate a large wall!


After more than a decade in the African continent, a couple of months ago I have left Senegal for good to land on the old Europe; a huge personal change that I am trying to approach with excitement and a positive spirit! 

So many things thrill and scare me at the same time right now: new places, new people, new habits and…. a new house to arrange of course, which is maybe the lightest and fun part of the whole re-adaptation process; although, I admit, besides the initial amusement, there is one thing that truly intimidates me: staring at empty white walls without a clue where to start



True, all-white spaces have their undoubtable charm – especially if painted with the right tone of white – but I personally prefer to fill them with items and decors that fit my taste. 

If like me you are in search of some inspiration to get the perfect solution that looks stylish, harmonious and expresses your personality, scroll down and get amazed by these 6 gorgeous ideas to décor large empty walls. 


How to decorate a large wall / A few general rules 


Whether it’s blank walls in a specific room, above furniture or long hallways, I have a primary rule which is considering to have either one single stunning piece or a set of different but similar items; mixing the two will just look messy and rough! 

Second, consider proportions: if your wall is really huge, you will need something that won’t disappear into it; if put on the wrong scale, even a beautiful item can look cluttered, spoiled or cheap.

Third, consistency: your walls’ décor should complement your surroundings and match the overall style you have chosen for your space. A harmonious setting, either with one or with multiple décor item, should be the overall ultimate result!




How to Decorate a Large Wall


Decorate with one single stunning items 


Now, have a look at these amazing single pieces that stan fiercely on your walls: an oversized mirror, a huge painting, a large piece of fabric: each of them will make a beautiful statement as well as eye catching point within your space, don’t you think? 


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Decorate your walls by trying some new colors 


If you are a creative person with some manual skills (and a bit of patience! ) you may decide to make colors the real protagonists of your walls: what do you think about these original schemes? And what about these stunning solutions with wallpapers (do not miss this gorgeous selection of African Inspired ideas) and stencils? 

|| Looking for some color inspirations for the new season? These are the top color palettes for 2022!


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Decorate a large wall with a stylish gallery


You may otherwise want to experiment with a gallery of similar artworks. The key to this look is for the frames to be the same size and color and for the artwork to be similar in theme, color or style (some ideas: botanical, marine, family portraits, vintage cards etc.) Galleries are great solutions for lobbies and entrances but would fit beautifully any other space, including the bathroom!  

Otherwise, point at having a completely eclectic yet harmonious gallery. Gorgeous, right?  


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Extra tip: Think outside the box! A gallery may not be necessarily done with framed pictures, there are so many other original elements that can be grouped either in a symmetric and in a more extravagant way. Have a look for example at these amazing solutions with ceramics and African hand made baskets




Decorate with floating shelves 


Floating shelves make a great addition, taking up very little space but giving a clean and simple look to any wall; optically they have a minimal impact, allowing you to focus more on the kind of décor you want to display rather than on the shelves themselves.  




Decorate your wall with original neon/led signs


Like it or not, this is a very eccentric and vintage solution that will probably produce a shock/awe effect that’s unlike anything else. For sure they won’t get unnoticed! What do you think? 




Add a touch of natural green on the wall!


As home plant lovers already know, living walls or vertical gardens have been one of the hottest Instagram trends for 2021. In fact, these original solutions will immediately refresh your decor while enhancing your design in an extraordinary manner! And if you don’t want to necessarily have an entire forest on your wall, opt for a minimal yet stylish solution!  




Don’t you feel more inspired now – and not scared anymore?