Nicolet College opens up new facility for students | News

RHINELANDER – After many long hours of remodeling students here at Nicolet College will finally get the chance to see their new facility. 

“Today we are having an open house both our staff and all of our facility members on campus just really want to celebrate the renovation of this building and a new manufacturing center” said Jeff Labs.

The students who are in these programs will all benefit from this.

“Even though we have different programs it really kind of cross into each other’s areas and learn more about manufacturing center” said Jeff.

 Eli Smith is excited for this opportunity.

“Well right now I would say that I’m loving it said Eli Smith. There are more ups than there are downs I don’t recommend drinking coffee before wielding of course.”

Wielding is a fun activity for some.

“If anybody is looking into wielding, I think it’s a good career to get into said Everett Rice. There is a shortage in the trades so there is always a demand for wielders and it’s a good paying job well at least in the north woods it is.”

 Students like Eli and Everett, these new facilities give them a chance to succeed.

“Fantastic spaces, fantastic labs, again top of the line cutting edge equipment that’s being used in todays and tomorrow’s industries related to manufacturing” said Jeff.