‘This thing kind of exploded on us’

A family in Oregon is taking the internet by storm with its solution for completing a seemingly normal household task.

The Landreth family, who lives in Portland, had recently decided to repaint their house but had yet to settle on the color, according to KOIN, a local TV outlet. Meanwhile, their daughter, Grace, also had an upcoming middle school assignment on data collection.

So, the Landreths decided to combine both situations into one, elegant solution, which has since gone viral on Twitter and earned the family national news coverage. That solution? Let the internet decide how they’d paint their house.

The execution was simple: The family created a survey asking people their thoughts on several different color tones. Then, they added a sample sheet and QR code outside their house, allowing people to scan the code and access the survey as they passed by.

Michal Naka, one of the Landreth’s neighbors, captured the setup and shared it on Twitter, where it’s since been retweeted nearly 13,000 times.

The survey, which asks respondents to rate the colors on a scale of “Yuck” to “HGTV Level Amazing,” has earned all sorts of online praise for its sense of humor.

“By checking you indicate you have no opinion on the color of our house, but you just like doing random surveys,” one question asks.

Twitter users seemed completely charmed by the ordeal, sharing their own choices and calling the idea “brilliant.”

“Picked a color. All the way from the Netherlands. Please keep us updated,” one user wrote.

“First survey I’ve ever enjoyed doing,” another joked.

“We need to know what they went with,” another pleaded.

Brian Landreth, Grace’s dad, said the survey exploded in popularity practically overnight.

“We went to bed last night and had about 60 people walking by, and we’re like, ’60, that’s crazy!’” Landreth told KOIN on May 25. “Currently, there’s more than 2,000 entries.”

Landreth, who added he’s seen responses from more than 20 different countries, seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

“This thing kind of exploded on us. My daughter’s assignment just got more complicated, next topic- internet virality,” Landreth tweeted of his family’s newfound fame.

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