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How to Get Your Georgia Contractors License

Contractors in the state of Georgia must be licensed by the official Contractors License Board in order to lawfully operate their business. The process of becoming a licensed contractor in Georgia includes passing an examination, completing an application, and submitting the appropriate fees. Here is the guide;

Who Requires Georgia Contractors License

General contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors who perform work on projects that exceed $2,500 must be licensed by the state of Georgia. This allows you to bid on and perform work on public projects, in addition to working as a private contractor.

Examination Requirements for Contractors’ License

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How to Decorate (If You Already Painted)

I can’t believe I have never written a post on what to do AFTER you’ve chosen a paint colour and now you need furniture. You might have heard me say this before, but you shouldn’t choose your paint colour first.

However, maybe you just found my blog or you are feeling stuck now that your wall colour is painted. Well, I have some resources that can help you get unstuck, so keep reading. 

🌹 SALE ALERT: And just in time for Mother’s Day, because now you can give some gifts that keep on giving all year long! 

Starting right now

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POLL-New Zealand house prices to sink 9.0% this year, another 2% in 2023

By Vivek Mishra

BENGALURU, May 27 (Reuters)New Zealand’s house prices are forecast to sink 9.0% this year as aggressive interest rate hikes take some heat out of the blazing housing market amid a worsening cost of living crisis, keeping potential buyers on the sidelines, a Reuters poll found.

House prices have nearly doubled in the last seven years as investors have cashed in on near-zero interest rates and access to cheap loans. That has led to increased homelessness and fuelled inequality, making New Zealand’s the most unaffordable housing market among developed nations.

Although house prices have already

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