Daily Archive: June 21, 2022

Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence

On a peaceful plain by the foothills of Annamese Cordillera, central Vietnam, Hue people hold the role of family in high regard, placing family connections above all else. These values are what led one family of adult children to commission a home design in which their ageing parents could enjoy a retirement of relaxing pastimes and gardening. Designed by architectural firm Limdim House Studio, this 75 square metre home was designed to be easy to live in for the elderly

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Perspectives in Architecture: Buckhead’s famed Round House keeps distinctive character

A Buckhead mid-century modern household developed by pointed out architect Cecil Alexander for his household had been on the market for additional than a 12 months prior to a stop by from Ted and Susan Pound. 

Although possible buyers noticed a house concluded in 1957 as a composition in have to have of updates, Susan envisioned this property, affectionately known as the Round Dwelling, as “a excellent put to raise their family.”

Alexander, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects who died at age 95 in 2013, launched the architectural agency FABRAP (1958-1984) and was a well-revered civil rights

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Designing Homes for Boomers (10 Needs to Consider)

This low, deep, squishy sofa is not the type of seating that most boomer and up generations seek out. It can be really hard for many of them to get up, gracefully, or even at all, without assistance. carlaaston.com

In case you didn’t know, I’m a boomer.

I watched a few home design shows recently where the boomer-and-older generation was the client age group and honestly, I found some of the design ideas to be really not fitting for this older population. I know it is hard to understand an older generation’s needs if you aren’t there yourself.

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