Abilene contractors see more home remodeling work during pandemic

Quarantined Abilenians have realized that home could be sweeter with some updates.

Jason Ramirez, owner of The Honey do Service of Abilene Inc., has hired more staff in recent months to meet the demand.

“We’ve added more craftsmen. We’ve added another salesman,” Ramirez said. “We now have booked a month and a half out worth of work for my craftsmen.”

Gus Flores measures a length of tin before cutting it for a skirt for the portable building behind him owned by Melina Sterry (left) on Nov. 13. Flores works for The Honey Do Service of Abilene, a general contractor.

The current situation is much rosier than expected after the pandemic hit the Abilene area in mid-March with stay-at-home orders and school closures.

“At the beginning, it was scary,” said Ramirez, who has owned the franchise for five years.

“I was lucky…,” he added. “I had a month’s worth of work scheduled already when the leads dropped off. So, when the leads dropped off, my guys were still employed.”