New Interior Design Trends In Madurai That Make A Statement!

Design trends may evolve. But the essence of a magnificent culture remains an intrinsic part of any home decor. And this is true for the wondrous charm of Madurai and its rich cultural heritage. Trends often reflect the requirements of society in a particular scenario. Current trends have seen influences of the pandemic lockdown, with interest in sustainability, earth colours, and comfort predominating.

So, what are the exciting interior design trends in Madurai that you should look out for? Let’s find out.

Focus on Comfort and Style

The need for an environment that is not only stylish but comfortable has increased. The new year has brought hope of a covid-free world, and home decor is leaning towards a cosy, homely feel. This allows you to play around with subtle colours and textiles with a hint of tradition.

Taking the textile theme into account, you can incorporate a touch of tradition with the gorgeous Tanjore theme. This amazing backdrop can set the pace for your decor.

Maximalism Accentuated with Layering

Be it the fashion industry or interior designing, layering is in. It’s all about adding interesting components to your decor. Printed wallpaper, maybe? How about adding trim to your cornice? A perfect way to accentuate your Tanjore painting!

A play of textures and patterns works in this decor. You can mix and match prints and add the traditional athangudi tiles for a bit of drama. We assure you, these magnificent tiles will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

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Environmental issues have changed our thinking. And conscious shoppers are making green choices. Today, going green is much more than a style statement.

This means shopping locally or refurbishing existing furniture. Carrying forward the theme of sustainability, it’s time to put your best foot forward and arm yourself with gorgeous dhurries and floor rugs that Madurai is famous for.

Wood Stains are Gaining Popularity

Yes, softer and warmer shades are the thing this season. And wood is not far behind. Ultra-dark stains are making their presence felt, as is the charm of washed-out grey stains on wood.

Different stains on wooden flooring can amp the look of your decor, especially when you add traditional area rugs to the decor. A cabinet or chest in distressed wood finish can add zing to your interior design. Comfort is the theme here too, and designers and novices alike are moving towards cosy homes that engulf you in warmth and style.

The Charm of the Curved Line

Curves can dramatically alter the charm of your decor. The soft edges give the room a cosy feel, something that is hard to achieve with the angles and straight lines.

But a word of caution. Using curves everywhere can kill the look. So, how do you achieve perfection? A square rug under your curved sofa, maybe? Or a curvy sofa that makes a style statement in an angular decor. Hmmm…interesting.

For an accent, you can try this quirky idea. Frame sectional prints of the famous Meenakshi Temple carvings to form a picture gallery.

The Traditional Touch

Yes, traditional accents and quirky antiques are in vogue. What better trend do you need than this if you are living in Madurai with its rich heritage? Yes, home design trends in Madurai have never been this exciting!

It’s always better to add a few vintage pieces of furniture to a modern decor than go the whole hog for better impact. It can be a vintage cabinet with glass shutters to showcase your wood and stonework crafts that Madurai is famous for. Or you can drape some woven shawls on your couch for that ethnic feel,

A Fresh Look at Wallpapers

A play of the lighthearted with an element of comfort can lead to intriguing decor. Wallpapers are back on the scene with a bang. Prints, textures, and stripes. You name it, and it’s there for the taking.

Wallpapers are a surefire way to enhance your decor in a matter of hours. However, it’s easy to go over the top in your enthusiasm. So, use the print sparingly, preferably on the focus wall. You can use complementary colours on the rest of the walls to strike the perfect balance.

A Play of Patterns

You can do a lot with patterns, be they on your cushions, your rugs, or on the wall. The possibilities are endless. The trick is to play it right, as layering different patterns is not easy.

A pattern on pattern can work beautifully as long as you have the right colours and designs. Cushions are a safer bet when you want to play with patterns. And what better to create an impact than a traditional Madurai throw rug?

Green is In

Plants, lots of them. Plants never go out of fashion. And these lush wonders are perfect for adding atmosphere without much effort. Ideas you can work with? Tall imposing greenery in your corner adds character to your room. A medley of different leafy wonders in a cluster is just magical!

Designing a room can be daunting, especially when you want to play with patterns, textures, and styles. If you stick with monochromes, you will be able to pull it off. But if the thought of getting it wrong is scary – well, HomeLane has your back!