The Day – The tiny house movement is here

The object of about 60 people’s curiousity last weekend two weekends ago sat on a field overlooking Pattagansett Lake in East Lyme.

To some, the tiny house is just that, an oddity. But to others it’s a lifestyle, and in the ever-changing world, it’s becoming more of a reality.

Into this space step Gary and Elizabeth Evans, a husband-and-wife team who have finished building their first tiny house for sale.

They started the process about a year ago, with the build itself taking between four and six months. Gary does home remodeling, including the Inn at White Gate Farm in East Lyme. Liz, a graphic designer, handles much of the interior design.

The pair recently turned an abandoned log cabin in Vermont into an upscale rental property.

The tiny house is just under 300 square feet, including the loft, but it’s mobile so the first rule of real estate (location, location, location) isn’t so rigid.

The Evanses also took their time, using high-quality materials, such as teak wood on the first floor and cedar in the loft.

The house also features shiplap walls and ceilings, vintage 150-year-old beams and closed-cell spray foam insulation.

“We always build it as though we’re going to live in it and sometimes we think we actually might,” Gary Evans said.

The kitchen features a farmhouse sink, a four-burner propane cooktop and an electric wall oven, as well as a washer-dryer combo.

The tiny house is also built for all seasons, with a ductless mini split A/C heating system and a propane fireplace that can heat the whole house.

“It’s a niche market but it’s quality things that are going to last,” Gary Evans said.

The tiny house movement is a way to downsize and simplify life, and has become popular with those trying to be more eco-friendly or just trying to save money.

“I love it being so simple. You say ‘I have to clean the house, I’ll be out in 10 minutes,’” Gary Evans said.

The house they’ve built is NOAH certified, which ensures they meet current safety, structural and energy efficiency standards.

“It’s not only shelter, it’s nice shelter,” Elizabeth Evans said. “It’s for somebody ready to downsize, not downgrade.”

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