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Star celebrates album “Harry’s House.”

NEW YORK – There are many reasons why people are wild about Harry.

Styles, that is – the dashing British pop phenom who parlayed his hunk-a-zoid standing in One Direction into a potent solo career magnified by his keen musical instincts.

On Friday, Styles, 28, released his third solo album, “Harry’s House,” a luscious mélange of pop, funk and soul coupled with lyrics both silly fun (“Music for a Sushi Restaurant”) and piercingly tender (“Matilda”).

Review: ‘Harry’s House’ dazzles with synths and funk

To celebrate the arrival of his most comprehensive work, Styles parked himself at UBS Arena on New

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Home improvements that are not legal to do yourself [Video]

Spending so much time at home during the past two years has exposed the pluses and minuses of our properties. The main living space might shine and sparkle, but the bathrooms look old and dreary by comparison. You’ve probably also noticed deficiencies in some of its core systems, such as heating, plumbing and electrical.

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The desire to repair, update or bring more comfort to our spaces led to a push in home improvement projects in 2020 that has dipped only slightly

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